Why Choose Ramos & Del Cueto?

Going through the criminal justice system in San Antonio – especially for the first time-is often a stressful and uncertain experience. By choosing the right criminal defense attorney, clients will ensure the best possible outcome in their cases, avoid legal pitfalls and mix-ups, and ease the emotional burdens on themselves and their loved ones by knowing they have a trusted experienced attorney guiding them through the process.

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Here is a list of factors prospective clients may want to consider when choosing an attorney:

  • Experience: How knowledgeable is the attorney in the law specific to your charges?
  • Reputation: Who-and how-is the attorney connected to the central figures in your case? What is the attorney’s relationship and reputation with the judge? What type of relationship does the attorney have with the prosecution?
  • Track Record: What is the lawyer’s track record, especially in cases similar to yours? How many cases has the attorney tried and won?
  • Referrals: Who refers your attorney to friends and family? Would other attorneys, judges, bailiffs and others with experience in courtrooms recommend the attorney to their loved ones?
  • Access: How much time will the attorney devote to your case? Will your attorney make appointments away from the chaos of the courtroom to review your case with you?

The San Antonio DWI Lawyers and criminal defense team of Ramos & Del Cueto have extensive, multifaceted experience with a variety of cases including Bexar County DWI, probation violations, motions to revoke probation, murder, sexual assault, family violence, manslaughter, and drug charges such as possession of controlled substances (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroine, and marijuana) . They have tried hundreds of cases, as both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. That valued experience ensures that Ramos & Del Cueto is able to analyze your case from all angles.

After retaining the attorneys at Ramos & Del Cueto, a meeting will be scheduled at their office where you and the attorneys will thoroughly review your case and work with you to develop the best plan of action.

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