San Antonio Traffic Ticket Attorney

Many of us know the anxiety and frustration that sets in when you hear police sirens behind you while you’re driving. Those feelings are often amplified when an officer issues you a ticket. How will you afford the fine? What will happen to your driving record? Will you have to attend traffic school? Some people may simply mail the check to pay for their speeding ticket or traffic violation without a second thought.

But did you know that by paying for it, you are pleading guilty to this charge? These offenses can go on your driving record, putting your license at risk and causing your insurance premiums to skyrocket.  Many times traffic tickets are written as part of other criminal offenses such a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), and are the basis for the stop (probable cause) used to charge you with the offense.

“If you believe you were unfairly charged with a traffic citation,
you can fight your case.”

We’ll Fight For You

Many people are understandably nervous to dispute their violation. Being issued a moving violation hurdles you into the complex structure of your local municipal or county traffic court. Dealing with the legal system can be intimidating, confusing, and time-consuming. This is why many people enlist a qualified traffic attorney to help them.

Having the support of knowledgeable traffic ticket lawyers who know the ins and outs of these laws can lead to reduced fines or even the complete dismissal of your charges. This is especially useful when the stakes are high – perhaps this latest moving violation could mean the suspension of your license, or you are a commercial driver, and you can’t afford to lose driving privileges. Or perhaps you were speeding due to an emergency and weren’t sure how to explain that to the officer.

No matter what your circumstances entail, we can help you best present your case to a judge or jury.

The San Antonio traffic ticket lawyers at the Law Office of Ramos and del Cueto, PLLC will work to minimize the damage caused by a traffic violation. With our assistance, you can set your record straight. We have over 90 years of criminal defense experience helping people in our community with everything from simple speeding tickets to DWI charges up to and including capital murder.

When you meet with us for a consultation, we’ll review all the details of your case to determine the best course of action. We won’t just do some paperwork and send you a bill – we truly work to be your advocate and help you prepare for what happens next regarding your case. Every client is important to us.

Don’t let your driving record be negatively affected by an unjust ticket.

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