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Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Aggressive criminal defense services from attorneys with a record of success


Federal Crimes

Federal Crimes

Federal crime defense from a former prosecutor who knows the system


Personal Injury

Personal Injury

Professional personal injury representation from attorneys who care about their clients


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In serious legal cases, choosing the right lawyer makes all the difference. Our accomplished team of attorneys at Ramos & Del Cueto, PLLC provides tough representation in criminal defense, federal crime and personal injury cases.

We handle a wide range of cases varying in level of severity. Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you can count on us to deliver the representation you need to protect your freedom.

Our firm consists of not only attorneys who are respected throughout Texas but also those who have served as judges and prosecutors. We bring unique insight and strategy to our clients’ cases based on these experiences. We can think from the perspective of other parties involved in the legal proceedings. This allows us to set our clients up for success in ways that other law firms cannot.


Our Clients Aren’t Cases, They’re Family


Success comes from more than just experience. It comes from an attorney’s ability to use their experience for their client’s good, to provide the greatest possible service through the skills they have developed during their career.

Our record of excellent case results reflects our ability to fight for the outcomes that our clients deserve, no matter how tough the case is. Every client is a human being who deserves the utmost professionalism and care. You can always expect that from us.


Our Record Of Success




A client was involved in the distribution of 500 grams to 2 kilograms of cocaine. Evidence involved wiretaps and surveillance. The client faced a minimum mandatory sentence of five years. After an argument at the hearing, the client’s sentence was ordered time served with supervised release, thereby avoiding prison. C.M. 2019




A client was involved in an assault and robbery. This incident was recorded on video. Two others involved pull guns and shoot at each other, with the victim of the assault being killed. The client was charged with capital murder with the possibility of death penalty. After negotiations, the client’s charge was reduced to aggravated robbery. K.E. 2017



A client lost control of the vehicle and drove off the roadway and crashed; a passenger died at the scene. The client admitted to drinking alcohol, and the arresting officer reported slurred speech, odor of intoxicants and bloodshot eyes. After 22 months of negotiations, prosecutors agree to drop charges. D.R. 2018

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