Assault Charges

Are You Looking at Charges of Assault in San Antonio, TX?

If you are facing any allegations of assault, any charges can have negative repercussions and can permanently render you with a criminal record. The opportunities for your future employment are placed in danger, alongside your personal livelihood and financial security. Texas law enforcement does not take assult cases lightly, especially when involving either domestic (family) violence or an officer of the peace. If you are arrested, you may be facing serious charges. Even if you’ve just so much as touched someone, you could be prosecuted for an assault charge. If you’re concerned about this, then look no further than the law firm of Ramos & Del Cueto.

What Does Assault Actually Mean?

Texas laws define assault in the following ways:

  • Purposefully and carelessly inflicting an injury to the body of another person
  • Intentionally intimidating another person with bodily injury
  • Willfully physically contacting another person in an offensive or provocative manner


A common assumption is that making actual physical contact with someone is needed in order to be charged with assault. The truth is that even something like a heated argument could even be counted as assault. If an assault charge involves domestic violence, security guard, emergency workers, or public servants, you could be facing a very harsh punishment.

Something as simple as restraining a girlfriend, boyfriend or roommate who is getting out of control can cause you to be arrested and charged with assault or domestic violence.

Get Information from Experience San Antonio Assault Defense Lawyers

The police many times do not need much evidence when making an assault arrest. Once police answer a disturbance call, often someone will be arrested, even if they were just defending themselves. Often, the prosecutors can be ambitious in their need to prosecute as well. Before speaking with police, get to know your rights and contact the offices of Ramos & Del Cueto. As experienced lawyers, you will have a personal level of service along with the strongest criminal defense around.

The Other Person Attacked You. Why Were You Arrested?

Many times, the police are not concerned about who is at fault in a fight. It’s a lot easier to lock you both up and let the courts sort it out. That is when it becomes extremely important to have an experienced defense lawyer on your side.

Ramos & del Cueto will fight in the trenches to protect your rights. He knows how to deal with overzealous cops and prosecutors who are more interested in convictions and guilty pleas than in justice.

Ramos & del Cueto has the litigation experience and skill to protect you when if the State tries to railroad you or walk all over your rights. Call our office today at 210-212-9000 or e-mail Ramos & del Cueto directly for a free consultation.

A No-Nonsense Approach to Defending You Against Serious Assault Charges.

If you are facing charges of assault with bodily injury, it is extremely important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible.

Our team will gather the important information — taking pictures, obtaining medical records, taking witness statements — in order to build a strong defense from the very start.

Ramos & del Cueto can get down to the facts in your case quickly and can explain the law and how it applies in your case in a straightforward manner. To discuss your case in a free consultation, please contact us today. Jail visits are available and if you decide to hire us, we accept credit cards.

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