What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock device is used to provide those who have been charged with a DWI charge the ability to regain their driving privileges. Find out more about them and how they operate here.

Understanding Texas Drug Laws

Texas frowns on illegal drug use and its Texas Controlled Substances Act is one of the harshest set of drug laws in the country. Even simple possession of regulated substances can result in a criminal conviction and assessment of a harsh penalty, such as a fine, a prison or jail sentence, or both, depending on the facts of the incident. However, if you are facing a possession charge, there must be evidence that you knew that you were in possession of the illicit drug.

Identifying Domestic Violence

Being affected by domestic violence can feel like a helpless situation. Confusions can arise on whether domestic violence has occurred or not. Also, deciding on how to resolve the matter can lead to a multitude of variables and worries making you feel even more confused and helpless. However, resources are available to fight against domestic violence and improve your circumstance.

What to Do When Pulled Over

When any of us are pulled over by law enforcement for any traffic violation it’s a scary experience. I know it has happened to me before, just getting a simple speeding ticket. I would urge you to be very calm and careful in how you proceed. Many times it is a traffic infraction and you are just going to get a ticket.

What Is a Motion to Revoke Probation?

When a person is placed on probation or community supervision there are certain conditions given to them. It’s a laundry list of conditions, starting with condition number one which is basically don’t break the law, don’t pick up any new charges.

Can I Get An Attorney While In Jail?

When a person is arrested for any offense, it’s probably one of the most stressful times of their life, and we respect that. Our firm has done this exclusively for a very long time. We’ve seen people and help people through this process for years now. I will tell you that when you are arrested…

How Does a Bail Bond Work in Bexar County?

The misconception is that bail bond companies can go to a judge and say “judge please set a bond on this person.” Only an attorney will communicate with the court, once they are retained of course, and get a bond set for you…

How Will a Texas DWI Conviction Affect My License?

How Will a Texas DWI Conviction Affect My License? You’re likely to face several penalties if convicted of a DWI in Texas. One of the consequences many people worry about is what will happen to their driver’s license; they want to know if it will be suspended and for how long. As you can imagine…