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Answering Your Questions About Criminal Defense

Whether you are under investigation or the state has charged you with a criminal offense, you no doubt have many questions about the criminal justice process. Criminal law is very complex, as is the defense process. Our attorneys at Ramos & Del Cueto, can provide answers to the questions you have.

Here, we have compiled a brief list of some of the questions that our clients frequently ask us.

What should I do if a cop arrests me?

If a police officer arrests you, remain calm and behave respectfully. The most important thing is that you should never give information to the police. Even if you have no involvement with the alleged crime, the police still have ways to get information out of you that can seem incriminating. Instead of giving an interview, tell them that you will not speak to them without an attorney.

What are some common defense tactics?

Your lawyer can use several strategies when defending you. Some common tactics include:

  • Questioning the validity of police tactics
  • Questioning the accuracy of breathalyzer results
  • Stating that the police violated your rights
  • Hiring expert witnesses to testify in your defense
  • Presenting an alibi
  • Claiming self-defense

The strategy that works best for you depends on the particular circumstances of your charges.

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

Misdemeanors are charges that have sentences of up to one year in jail. Some common examples include theft, DUI and possession of controlled substances. Conversely, felonies are charges that have sentences of more than one year in jail. These can include domestic abuse, sexual offenses and drug trafficking. Misdemeanors are less serious than felonies, but they can still leave a mark on your criminal record.

What is a plea bargain?

A plea bargain, also called a plea deal, is an agreement in which a defendant agrees to plead guilty to a lesser criminal charge instead of not guilty to a greater criminal charge. For example, the court may charge someone with aggravated assault but offer a deal for the suspect to plead guilty to simple assault.

Do I need to hire a lawyer?

Many people choose to work with a public defender. Although public defenders are hardworking and skilled attorneys, they often have a heavy caseload. This means that they cannot always give your case the attention that it deserves. When you hire a private attorney, they can devote their full energy to your defense.

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