Expunction/Non Disclosure

You may have heard that after your case is closed you may be eligible to have your permanent criminal records sealed or expunged.

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Expungement vs. non-disclosure:
Which is right for you?

In fact, you are only entitled to an expungement if you have an acquittal (found not guilty) or your case has ended with a dismissal. That makes it extremely important to contact an experienced defense lawyer immediately if you are charged with a crime, one who will fight for your rights and your future at trial.

While an expungement essentially erases your criminal record, a petition for non-disclosure seals it from many people and entities viewing it. If your petition is granted, the courts order that the records are not allowed to be released, except to certain individuals and entities, that you were charged with a particular crime.

Clearing your record: Is it worth it?

If your future is worth fighting for, the answer is yes.

Whether you are eligible to have your records permanently expunged or sealed, you will be able to answer truthfully on job applications and rental forms that you have no criminal charges on your record. Without an expungement or non-disclosure order, your options for living a normal life can be seriously limited.

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