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Do You Have Questions About Federal Crimes?

Facing a federal crime is one of the most daunting experiences that anyone may have. You have numerous questions about the criminal justice process, the charges against you and your criminal defense.

At Ramos & Del Cueto, we can assist you. In addition to providing strong representation against federal charges, we can answer any questions that you have about them. On this page, we have listed several of the questions that we often hear from our clients.

What makes an offense a federal charge?

State charges violate Texas law, while federal charges violate federal law. Because some state and federal laws intersect, offenses that seem similar may result in different charges.

Which entities investigate and handle federal crimes?

The body that handles a federal investigation varies based on the nature of the offense. Various U.S. government agencies handle federal crimes, including:

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • The Drug Enforcement Administration
  • The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives
  • The Secret Service
  • The Internal Revenue Service
  • The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

These agencies and administrations are incredibly powerful, and they devote significant resources to their investigations.

What are sentencing guidelines, and how will they affect me?

Judges do have discretion when it comes to these sentences. Calculating sentencing guidelines is very complex and you will need an attorney that has extensive experience in federal sentencing law. If you face a criminal charge that is subject to sentencing guidelines, you must make every effort to avoid an unfairly harsh sentence.

What should I do if the authorities want to talk to me?

If the police or another law enforcement agency wants to interview you, you should refuse. Under the Fifth Amendment, you do not have to provide any information that may incriminate you, even inadvertently. Instead, talk with an attorney.

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