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3 Huge Mistakes to Avoid After a DWI in San Antonio, Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2020 | Firm News

Did you know the biggest factors that affect the outcome of a DWI case happen before you contact criminal defense attorneys? The good news is that means you have a lot of control over how strong your initial case is. The bad news is it’s easy to make critical mistakes before you call an attorney. But the really good news? Even if you’ve made some mistakes before calling, experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorneys like Ramos and Del Cueto can still fight for your rights and get DWI charges reduced or dismissed.

Our goal is always preventative. We want to arm you with knowledge and tips about your rights in San Antonio so you never need us. But in the event that you do, we want you to start with the advantage. So we’ve applied our decades of experience and done careful research to summarize the best DWI advice out there in this post.

Here are some common pitfalls you need to know about so you can avoid them. And even if you’ve already been charged, you can still make these errors. So read carefully.


This is the most important mistake to avoid, and the one criminal defense attorneys see the most. If you’re pulled over, all kinds of issues arise when you try to explain your situation to an officer. Just by mentioning how many beers you’ve had, you’ve started incriminating yourself. Don’t fall for it. As soon as you realize the officer is questioning your sobriety, politely ask for your San Antonio criminal defense attorney. It improves your chances with the jury when you aren’t rude to the officer. Say something like, “I’m not trying to be uncooperative, but I think I should speak to my attorney before doing any sobriety tests.” Make sure you know what to expect after an arrest in Texas.

Thinking you can handle the situation on your own shows you aren’t taking the DWI seriously. This isn’t a traffic ticket. A DWI can stay on your record forever. Do not casually discuss the incident with others or post about it on social media. In fact, it’s a good idea to make sure all your online profiles are set to private.

The consequences of a DWI in San Antonio are too severe to take this on your own. You’re not alone in this fight. Don’t gamble with your future. Invoke your Constitutional Rights to an attorney and to remain silent. Let Ramos and Del Cueto take it from there.


Too often, arrested drivers assume the evidence is stacked against them and there’s no hope for a dismissal. Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember, the prosecution has an immense burden of proof – beyond a reasonable doubt. As experienced San Antonio criminal defense attorneys, Ramos & Del Cueto have a myriad of effective strategies they can employ to get the prosecution’s evidence thrown out or stop the case from going to trial at all.

Investigating an improper stop, misconduct during a field sobriety test, or Miranda violations are a few strong defenses Ramos & Del Cueto have made in San Antonio. Searching for witness testimony and improper chemical test procedures are other strategies.

Don’t even think about admitting guilt. Your future is bright, so fight for it. Remember, with Ramos & Del Cueto’s excellent DWI track record, you have many reasons to be confident in your acquittal. So don’t despair. You’re going to be okay. But you do have to act fast.


From the moment you’re arrested, your criminal defense has started. Every minute counts. After you’re released on bond, don’t take a few days to think about what to do. The prosecution is already building its case. Gather your own evidence. Immediately after calling your criminal defense attorney, it’s a great idea to write down everything that happened while your memory is fresh. Here are some details to include:

Where and what time were you pulled over?

Specifics on your conversation with police.

Any tests the police had you do.

Names of people (even officers) who saw you for possible witness testimony.

Anything that seemed unusual.

Your report will be invaluable if the case goes to trial. The prosecution will try to prove that your memory is faulty, while the officer’s report was written fresh after the arrest. Don’t necessarily share your report with your attorneys unless they ask for it.

Remember, you only have 15 days to seek criminal defense before your license is suspended. Drastically improve your chance for a dismissal or reduction and call a San Antonio criminal defense attorney at your first opportunity.


A critical mistake we haven’t mentioned yet is calling anyone other than Ramos & Del Cueto. If you’re in the San Antonio area, you landed on this site for a reason. Not only are Ramos & Del Cueto expert criminal defense attorneys with more than 50 years of combined experience, they’re seasoned DWI attorneys committed to fighting for the best outcome for their clients, with proven results.

Even if you’ve made these mistakes, there’s always hope for a positive outcome when you call Ramos & Del Cueto. As former prosecutors, they know how to challenge the opposition, gather favorable evidence, and mount a convincing defense for the jury. Don’t you want to know that you’re hiring the best criminal defense attorneys to challenge a DWI in San Antonio? The personal attention Ramos & Del Cueto give your case and the tireless defense they bring to court is unparalleled.

Your free, no-obligation consultation is waiting. Let Ramos & Del Cueto boost your confidence and guide you through your options with a free case review. They make themselves available 24/7 to take your call, wherever you are in South Texas. You have nothing to lose and a worry-free future to gain. Let’s fight your DWI charge together. Contact Ramos & Del Cueto today.

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