Criminal Defense Lawyers in San Antonio

Ramos & del Cueto is a team of criminal defense lawyers in San Antonio with extensive, multifaceted experience with a variety of cases including DWI, probation violations, motions to revoke probation as well as murder, and sexual assault. They also deal with family violence, manslaughter, and drug charges such as possession of controlled substances (cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana). They have tried hundreds of cases, as both prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. That valued experience ensures that Ramos & Del Cueto is able to analyze your case from all angles.

Our goal as your criminal defense lawyers is to protect and defend your rights and to protect you or your loved one from life changing punishments. Do not let a criminal offense change your career, education, or life. Contact Ramos & Del Cueto today for a free consultation.

DWI Charges

Driving while intoxicated is a serious offense in San Antonio and can leave you with thousands of dollars in fines or serious time in prison. From the day you receive a DWI you only have 15 days to seek legal representation before your license is suspended.

Drug Charge Defense

San Antonio drug charges carry steep penalties that can quickly take over you or your loved one’s life. If you have been charged with a drug-related offense, it is important to protect your innocence and uphold your rights in the court of law.

Probation Violations

A motion to revoke probation is issued when a person on parole violates their probation. A motion to revoke probation is then issued from the parole officer to the judge who will decide if your violation is a reason to issue a warrant. If a motion to revoke probation has been issued against you or your loved one, it is crucial to seek legal advice quickly.

Assault Charges

Assault charges in Texas apply to incidents where a person purposefully inflicts bodily harm of another, when a person intimidates another with body harm, as well as provocatively or offensively touching another.

TABC Cases

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission regulates the sale of alcohol and can issue a case against you or your business for the sale of alcohol to a minor, employing a minor to serve or sell alcohol, violation of health and welfare codes, noise or unsanitary conditions, sale of alcohol outside of prohibited hours, over-serving patrons, and violation of bring your own beverage laws.

Your Future. Your Freedom. Your Call.
The stakes are too high to trust your future to subpar legal defense. When you’re facing criminal charges, your freedom and way of life are at risk. Experienced and tenacious representation can make all the difference in a criminal case. A criminal charge will immediately affect your life, but a criminal conviction will haunt you forever.

Our firm has experience defending some of the hardest hitting criminal defense cases, including DWI, white-collar crime, assault, family violence, and sex crimes. We will fight relentlessly to protect your rights and your life. There is no time to waste.

Don’t let your legal future remain uncertain.

Trust your defense to the criminal defense lawyer team of Ramos & del Cueto.