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You didn’t commit the crime you planned. Why are you still facing charges?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2021 | Criminal Defense

Everyone has thought about breaking the law, even if it’s minor. Maybe you were late for work and wondered if it was worth it to drive 90 miles per hour to make up time. Maybe you were intoxicated and considered driving home anyway so that you didn’t have to come back for your car.

With cases like these, you’re not going to face charges if you change your mind and decide not to go through with it. You don’t get a drunk driving charge for thinking about it, but only after you decide to do it. However, this principle doesn’t always hold true.

Conspiracy charges

If you plan a criminal act with someone else, and take some steps toward its completion, you could face conspiracy charges. These can stand even if no one in your group decided to do it.

For example, maybe you talked to someone you knew about shipping drugs over the border and into the United States. You called around to find a driver. You located a seller in another country. The three of you gathered as much disposable income as you had and put the money into a fund.

Then you had a change of heart and decided you wanted no part of it. Maybe there was a problem with the plan. You separated your money, called off the driver and told the seller it wasn’t going to happen. You could still be charged with the conspiracy, even though you never bought any illegal drugs and never transported them over state lines.

Your rights

Naturally, a case like this can get complicated. You must know your rights and understand your defense options.

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