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College kids may face criminal peer pressure

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Your child never got in trouble with the law when they lived at home. They were a model student in high school, and they never used drugs or alcohol as far as you know.

However, they’re now heading off to college. You’re not going to have as much of a direct impact on their life anymore. This can concern you if you feel that your child may be pressured into doing things they wouldn’t have done at home.

After all, many studies have shown the link that peer pressure has with criminal activity, and they also know that young people are especially susceptible to peer pressure. This may be additionally true at college, as your child is trying to find a new group of peers and friends to spend time with. If that group wants them to do something that they ordinarily wouldn’t do, will they still do it just to fit in?

Using illegal drugs

One way that this could happen is if your child goes to a party where illegal drugs are being used. This could just mean underage drinking, but it could also mean things like marijuana or other party drugs. Your child never would have used these when they lived at home, but what if everyone else at the party tells them that they need to do it and they really want to fit in with that group? If the police then break up that party, your child may regret what they did, but they could still face arrest.

You need to carefully consider all of your legal options at a time like this, as an arrest for serious charges at such a young age can have a dramatic impact on your child’s life. 

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