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Has your teen been drawn into a gang?

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2022 | Criminal Defense

While law enforcement is doing its best to crack down on criminal gangs in San Antonio, they have a long way to go. Not all gangs engage in violence or crime, but several are set up for these very purposes.

The sad reality is that younger people are especially vulnerable, particularly in their teen years. If your kid has got caught up in this kind of activity, they are likely to become a target of law enforcement. What are the signs that your kid has been drawn into a gang?

The use of symbols

Gangs need to recognize their allies and their enemies. For this reason, symbology is very important. Many gangs have specific tattoos that members sport, while others have matching dress codes. If your child’s fashion sense has suddenly changed to something that you recognize in notorious gang members, or they are sporting new tattoos that have gang implications, then they could be in trouble.

Coming home injured

It’s normal for kids to come home sometimes with cuts, scrapes and bruises from sports and other activities. However, if your child is coming home regularly with blood stains and black eyes, this is a cause for concern. They could be trapped in a vicious circle of gang violence.

It’s not easy to recognize the signs that your child is caught up in a gang, but if they have become withdrawn and display the symptoms above, then this is a possibility.

Even if your child has fallen in with a bad crowd, this doesn’t automatically mean they have broken any laws. It’s possible that they may have been accused based more on the company they keep than anything they have done. In such circumstances, it’s vital that you seek legal guidance.

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