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Hiring the Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in San Antonio, Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2019 | Firm News

When you need a criminal defense lawyer, you want the best in San Antonio. But with hundreds of options, it isn’t easy to choose who will best defend your rights. Here are some guidelines to help you pick the best criminal lawyer for your team.

1. Get References

References are one of the most reliable ways to ensure that your criminal lawyers know what they’re doing. Read reviews and ask around. If possible, consult with a previous client to learn how the criminal defense handled their case and treated them throughout the process. Some questions to keep in mind: Did these criminal attorneys respond to communication quickly? Did they take time to get to know you and understand your case? Were they persuasive and tenacious in your criminal defense? Ideally, get a reference from someone who was charged with the same crime as you.

2. Hire Experience

If there is one factor that sets criminal lawyers apart in the courtroom, it’s their experience. Seasoned lawyers carry themselves with more confidence, more style, and more tact in your criminal defense. That means your chance for acquittal goes up. But make sure that experience is diverse. Having multiple practice areas gives your criminal defense team more insight into your case – so no matter what you’re charged with, they have the versatility and resources to handle it.

Your best candidate will have experience not only in criminal defense, but also in prosecution, so they understand the strategies of the other side. Your criminal lawyer’s expertise should also go beyond state cases to federal ones. Finally, the best criminal defense will have experience beyond being a private practice attorney. A background of working on the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, for the Supreme Court of Texas, or as a Magistrate Judge gives your criminal defense valuable acumen and an edge in the courtroom.

3. Hire Success

There’s too much at stake to hire a criminal defense with a poor acquittal record. Regardless of experience, a criminal lawyer’s success record is your best indicator of their effectiveness. Take time to research past case results of your criminal defense options. Beware of lawyers who list excessive case results with minimal information. They are also controlling the results you don’t see. Instead, ask your criminal defense for information on their most recent cases, in as much detail as they can give you. Once again, referencing other clients will ensure that you get an honest report of the firm’s victories and losses.

Questions to consider: What is their dismissal/reduction rate? Does your charge show up frequently on their dismissals? Have they successfully expunged criminal records?

The Little Things Matter

Remember this, the best criminal defense cares about the details. They will be bilingual and board certified. They will offer a free consultation and can be contacted quickly whenever they’re needed, 24/7. They will have multiple accreditations and recognitions from organizations across San Antonio and Texas.

The best criminal defense attorneys are always educating themselves as times change. But more than that, they’re educating their clients, too. They want clients to be informed and will regularly publish case studies, legal tips, and articles explaining your rights, so you can take preventative action and never need their services. In other words, the best criminal defense lawyers will have a blog and active social media accounts.

Too often, criminal lawyers treat clients like a case instead of a person. Clients are usually handed down for a different attorney to take care of. But especially in criminal defense, good customer service is essential. The best criminal defense will let you know you’re important and give you their personal time. If you feel like just another case, you’re in the wrong place.

You might be wondering if a criminal defense team with all these qualities actually exists in San Antonio. Well, it does, but there’s only one best: Ramos & Del Cueto.

Ramos & Del Cueto – The Best

Experienced criminal defense attorneys like Ramos & Del Cueto know that only the jury’s opinion matters. They have combined experience practicing law for over 50 years, trying hundreds of criminal defense cases in that time. Their practice areas are extensive, including DUI/DWI, sexual assault, domestic violence, probation violation, white-collar crime, intoxication manslaughter, murder, burglary, and drug charges.

But Ramos & Del Cueto have more than experience. They have a consistent record of success in all areas of criminal defense, so that no matter what criminal charges are brought against you, your case is their specialty. They know the strategy behind presenting a persuasive case and bring the skill and aggression needed to win a dismissal. Feel free to ask them for information on past cases or references.

Most important, Ramos & Del Cueto treat you like a valuable client. They take time to know you and your case. They walk you through what to expect and discuss all your options with you. And they know what’s at stake for you, so they fight even harder to hold the prosecution to their burden of proving guilt with no reasonable doubt. Ramos & Del Cueto will defend your rights anywhere in South and Central Texas, and have represented clients across 10 counties. They are your personal, bilingual, accredited, 24/7 criminal defense bodyguards in San Antonio, Texas.

If you’ve been charged with a felony, misdemeanor, or other serious offense, there’s no time to lose. Don’t let a possible conviction ruin your life. Fight for your rights with Ramos & Del Cueto, because you deserve the best criminal defense. Contact them today for your free consultation.

Ramos & Del Cueto, can provide experienced and dedicated assistance if you find yourself in need of help. Call 210-761-6004 or use the form below to contact our firm immediately.