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5 Reasons to be Confident in Your Acquittal

On Behalf of | May 31, 2019 | Firm News

If you’ve had criminal charges brought against you, it’s easy to feel intimidated. Your livelihood, job, and family are at risk. And there are serious penalties for a criminal conviction in Texas. But you have multiple reasons to be confident—as long as you hire an experienced criminal defense with the right qualities to defend your rights.

Not all experienced criminal defense attorneys will have the following qualities. And experience alone isn’t enough to win your case. But if you find all five of these attributes on the same criminal defense team, then you have five solid reasons to be confident in your dismissal or acquittal. Together, they make for the best criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio.

Former Prosecutor Experience

This is one of the most valuable backgrounds your criminal defense could have. Who better to anticipate the strategies of the other side—and know how to challenge them—than former prosecutors themselves? They know how prosecutors think about cases. That’s a huge advantage in the courtroom. Attorneys who have only defended against charges can’t examine your case from every angle. Prosecutors have to be persuasive, aggressive, and detail-oriented—the same qualities you’ll find in the best criminal defense attorneys.

Federal Experience

Federal criminal charges involve complex procedures and carry severe penalties. They are some of the most difficult cases to prosecute and defend. And government lawyers get extensive training from the volume of cases they handle. So if your criminal defense has a background in federal cases, you can be confident they will bring advantageous insight and expertise to your case. Former federal attorneys also have valuable pre-trial negotiation skills to dismiss or reduce your criminal charges. This is an essential quality of the best criminal defense attorneys. Especially if you’re facing federal charges, hire an experienced criminal defense in San Antonio that knows the inside operations of the legal system. But in any case, you will have an asset that improves your chances for a positive outcome in court.

Creative Thinking

One of the most common limitations, even in an experienced criminal defense team, is the inability to think creatively with a given set of facts. The raw specifics of your case will not appeal to the jury. A creative mind is needed to recognize the strengths of your case and develop a strategy around them. The level of imagination a counsel brings to your defense can make the difference between an acquittal and a conviction. Because innovative thinking is hard to come by, only the best criminal defense attorneys in Texas will have it. But this can be a difficult quality to find in a lawyer. How do you do it? Ask about a firm’s success record and get references from past clients.


Perhaps the most underappreciated reason you have to be confident in an acquittal is the compassion of your experienced criminal defense. Your attorneys’ ability to sympathize with your situation determines how hard they will fight for you. They will be more willing to give you their personal time if they care about your case’s outcome. You may also need emotional support from your lawyers during a trial. If you recognize compassion in your firm, and if you don’t feel like just another client, you have another reason to be confident in your case. Because the best criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio know that personal service is just as important as professional skills.

A Focus on You

A final reason to be optimistic about your case is when you feel you are the focus of your attorney’s efforts. When your criminal defense attorneys treat you like you’re their only client, help you on short notice, and make you feel comfortable, it means they are working hard to achieve the best outcome for your case. The more that experienced criminal defense attorneys get to know your situation, the better they can apply their experience and discover strengths to capitalize on. No matter what alleged charges are brought against you, the best criminal defense attorneys will see past them to the person who needs help.

If you hire for any of these qualities, you should feel more confident about your chances for a positive outcome in court. But any of these reasons without the others might not be strong enough. You deserve all five of them—and more. But there’s only one firm in San Antonio that gives you this many reasons to be confident in your acquittal, and they’re the best criminal defense attorneys: Ramos & Del Cueto.

Ramos & Del Cueto Stand Apart

Ramos & Del Cueto doesn’t just work to win you an acquittal. They are skilled in using proactive strategies to get charges dismissed or reduced before a trial is necessary. Some lawyers like to wait until police reports come out before investigating your case. But Ramos & Del Cueto is prepared to begin working on your case immediately. They waste no time gathering favorable evidence and witness statements that might convince the District Attorney or Federal Prosecutor to drop or reduce the charges. Maybe your current criminal defense is recommending taking the D.A.’s offer. You deserve a second opinion. It’s no coincidence that so many Ramos & Del Cueto clients have described them as the best criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio.

Ramos & Del Cueto have decades of winning experience as both criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors. The newest member of the experienced criminal defense team, Joey Contreras, handled thousands of federal cases in his 18 years as a federal prosecutor, including federal drug, gun, conspiracy and white-collar cases.

The experienced criminal defense attorneys at Ramos & Del Cueto have proven their ability to be resourceful and show ingenuity in their approach to cases. They treat you with compassion, and stay focused on your needs while delivering rigorous defense. In short, they have all the qualities of the best criminal defense attorneys.

When you hire Ramos & Del Cueto, you hire fighters with a passion for defending your rights. They fight for clients all over South and Central Texas, across 10 counties. Their representation is aggressive but strategic. They put in extra hours to achieve the best result in your case.

Don’t wait. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Texas, the faster you contact the experienced criminal defense at Ramos & Del Cueto, the better your chances for a positive outcome. Contact Ramos & Del Cueto now for your free consultation. They are available 24/7. And they will take the time to understand your case and take you step by step through the legal process. If you knew taking one action would dramatically increase your chances for a dismissal or acquittal, why would you wait? Call Ramos & Del Cueto now, the best criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio—and the ones who give you the most reasons to be confident in winning your criminal defense case.

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