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How can you defend yourself when charged with assault in Texas?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2020 | Criminal Defense

Assault charges are more serious than many believe they are. If convicted, the penalties will likely be life-changing, at least on a short-term basis. Those accused of committing an assault should take immediate steps to mount a strong defense to avoid the harshest penalties.

Most people find the best success by consulting with an experienced attorney. Attorneys can play an invaluable role in these cases by investigating the entire event and suggesting options that will strengthen your case.

Two of the most common and effective defenses against assault charges for defendants are described below.

Self-defense: This option is most successful if you can show that you were in danger of bodily harm and had no other option to get out of the situation. If a court finds that your response to the threat was appropriate, there is a good chance of winning your case.

Defense of other people: As with the option above, this approach can be successful if you and your counsel can show that you took action because someone else was about to be harmed, and you took steps to stop it.

Although there is no guarantee that the assault defenses discussed above will ensure that no conviction occurs, it is still wise to explore them with a lawyer. This provides you with an opportunity to discuss your case in-depth with someone committed to helping you protect your rights. Even if one of these defenses is not appropriate for your case, a legal consultation can open the door to other defenses that might work better in your unique situation.

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