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Drunk driving’s impact on insurance rates

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Criminal Defense

A drunk driving conviction in Texas risks serious consequences that can extend far beyond legal penalties and fines. One of the most significant impacts of such a conviction is increased car insurance rates.

Insurance companies view drunk driving convictions as indicators of high-risk behavior. This leads to substantial increases in insurance premiums. The financial implications of this can affect drivers for years.

Increased insurance premiums

Following a drunk driving conviction in Texas, drivers can expect their car insurance rates to surge. This can lead to several hundred to several thousand dollars annual premium increases. This rate hike is due to the insurer’s perception of the increased risk of drivers with drunk driving convictions being more likely to be involved in accidents. Insurers raise premiums to offset the potential costs associated with this heightened risk. Increased rates can often last for several years.

Requirement for SR-22 insurance

Texas drivers convicted of drunk driving may be required to obtain SR-22 insurance, which provides proof to the state that the individual holds the minimum required auto insurance coverage. The SR-22 isn’t an insurance policy but a certification attached to an existing policy indicating the driver has met the state’s insurance requirements.

Some companies may not insure individuals with an impaired driving conviction on their record. This limitation can force drivers to choose from a smaller pool of insurers, often at a much higher cost. Even among insurers that do provide coverage for individuals who have drunk driving convictions, some may not offer SR-22 documentation. That can further complicate the process of obtaining affordable insurance.

Anyone who’s facing a drunk driving charge should consider the overall expenses that come with this type of conviction. Those expenses can extend far beyond the cost of insurance. Some individuals may even lose their employment, which can significantly impact their finances.

As such, it is beneficial to build a defense strategy with a legal representative familiar with these matters because they can explain all viable options designed to minimize potential consequences of an arrest and/or conviction. This kind of informed support can enable a defendant to make choices that are in their best interests in the short-term and long-term.

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