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When might the Texas courts order someone to install an IID?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Someone who is convicted of drunk driving in Texas may be sentenced to a variety of penalties. A guilty plea or conviction for driving while intoxicated (DWI) offense could lead to probation, jail time, financial penalties and license suspension, among other consequences.

For many people, driving consequences are among the most concerning penalties imposed as a result of charges. Not only do people have to worry about losing their driver’s licenses, but they may be subject to other restrictions even when they regain their driving privileges. For example, Texas judges can order people to install ignition interlock devices (IIDS) in their vehicles for a time as a condition for them getting back on the road.

Repeat offenders

Someone who has a history of impaired driving with multiple prior infractions is more likely than the average person to break the same law again later. Therefore, one of the circumstances in which the state allows judges to restrict someone’s driving privileges after a DWI is when they have prior DWI convictions on their record.

Very high BAC

Someone’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is often the determining factor regarding whether or not the state will charge them with a crime. Those who are over the legal limit are very likely to face arrest and prosecution for a DWI offense. When someone’s BAC is nearly twice the legal limit for the average driver, the state could impose additional penalties after their conviction. Someone with a BAC of 0.15% or higher could face an order to install an IID in their vehicle even if this is their first DWI offense.

Having an IID in a vehicle means that someone will have to perform a breath test before they start the vehicle and potentially throughout their drive as well. Those subject to an IID requirement will typically need to pay to have the device installed and then also pay a few monthly for calibration and maintenance services.

One of the only ways to absolutely avoid an IID requirement is to avoid a DWI conviction. Fighting DWI charges can help people to potentially preserve their driving privileges and limit the financial consequences incurred as a result of a criminal conviction. Reaching out to the team at Ramos & Del Cueto can help recently-arrested motorists explore their options for defending against DWI charges.

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