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3 types of injuries that warrant lawsuits after Texas crashes

On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Most car crashes in Bexar County and across Texas cause property damage. The vehicles involved require repair or replacement. People often expect that insurance will fully cover those expenses. After all, every driver in Texas is required to carry liability coverage that can reimburse the people not at fault for the crash for the expenses it inspires.

Unfortunately, some drivers in Texas simply do not carry enough coverage, especially if a crash leaves someone hurt. What state law mandates can be as little as $30,000 to cover both lost wages and medical expenses. Some people need to pursue personal injury lawsuits after car crashes because of how expensive their losses will become over time. For example, the following types of injuries often lead to litigation after a collision.

Traumatic brain injuries

People can hurt their brains in a variety of different ways during a car crash. They might strike their head on part of the vehicle or end up so shaken up that their brain swells inside their skulls. Brain injuries typically require emergency trauma care, possibly including surgery. Many people will also experience consequences after a brain injury that can reduce their future earning potential. The losses may be significant enough to require compensation beyond basic insurance coverage.

Spinal cord injuries

The force involved in a car crash can very easily do damage to the spinal cord. Some people experience partial or incomplete spinal cord injuries that cause motor function issues. Others may incur complete spinal cord injuries that leave them unable to use their body below the side of the injury. Spinal cord injuries require a lifetime of medical care and also tend to impact someone’s ability to work. They will also likely need to make major changes to their homes and vehicles which can cost a substantial amount of money.

Major fractures and amputations

Someone who experiences a fracture may expect a quick and straightforward recovery, but that is not always what happens. Broken bones can require surgery if the bone breaks in multiple places or pushes through the skin. The cost of treatment and the possible loss of income after a broken bone may force someone to take the driver who caused the crash to court. Severe fractures, possibly caused by a crushing injury, may lead to surgical amputations.

Others may lose a body part due to traumatic amputation at the scene of a crash. Those who suffered extreme injuries to their limbs and extremities often require far more compensation than what a basic Texas insurance policy will provide.

Recognizing when a personal injury lawsuit is the best option after a crash can help people more effectively mitigate the financial impact of a collision. Seeking experienced legal guidance is a good way to gain this clarity.

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