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Protecting People From Driver’s License Suspension And Revocation In Texas

DWI arrests almost always come with the consequence of getting your driver’s license suspended, sometimes even revoked completely. If you’re facing a DWI charge, you may have heard these terms used frequently or even interchangeably. Having your license suspended is very different than having it revoked. A suspension is often temporary, though it can last for up to two years. But even a temporary, short-term suspension can seriously impact a person’s life and livelihood. When it comes to a DWI, no matter the circumstances, hiring an attorney is crucial. An experienced, knowledgeable attorney can help prevent some of these consequences or even get charges dismissed entirely.

When Does License Suspension Come Into Play?

License suspension is one of the standard consequences of a DWI charge. A first-time offense can result in having your license suspended for up to 180 days. More serious penalties can include license suspension of up to two years for a third offense.

In some cases, you do not even have to be charged to have your license suspended. While it’s not illegal to refuse to take a breath test after being pulled over for a DWI, refusing this test can lead to a suspension of up to 180 days. This penalty can increase to up to two years if this is a second DWI arrest.

Can Your Licenses Be Taken Away Permanently?

There are some circumstances where your license can be completely revoked by the state of Texas. These factors are often involved after a DWI if you cannot prove that you are capable of safely operating your vehicle. Having a history of DWI convictions and/or substance abuse can lead to having your license taken away, or revoked, permanently.

How Can A Lawyer Help?

Losing the ability to drive legally is a huge blow, especially if your livelihood depends on having a valid license, like in the case of truck drivers who also have professional licensing. But some things can be done to help prevent this.

An experienced attorney who has a history of success in DWI cases can help you avoid the penalty of having your license suspended or revoked. There are a variety of circumstances that can prove your arrest was improper, or that the police officers made a mistake while administering a sobriety test. But, it takes an attorney with a high level of experience in DWI cases to find these mistakes and successfully prove them in court.

At Ramos & Del Cueto, our team of attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience in DWI cases. We are well-versed and extremely familiar with the circumstances and conditions of these cases, and we know how to find mistakes and exploit them. We can evaluate the situation at the time of your arrest and figure out how to craft a strong defense that can protect your license and help avoid suspension.

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