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Legal Assistance For Manslaughter Charges

If you were allegedly driving under the influence in a car crash and someone died, you need an experienced intoxication manslaughter attorney team to fight for you. The police are saying that you were drunk, high on marijuana or using another drug. The prosecutors are charging you with intoxication manslaughter. They want to take away your rights, your job, your good name and, ultimately, your freedom.

Intoxication manslaughter is a serious felony criminal charge that can result in up to 20 years in prison in Texas. Even the lesser offense of intoxication assault, if someone was injured but did not die, can put you in prison for up to 10 years.

When You Can’t Afford To Lose, You Have To Fight To Win

Any fatal accident involving allegations of intoxication, drunkenness or impairment due to drug use such as marijuana can result in a charge of intoxication manslaughter.

A conviction or guilty plea can mean the end of your life as you have known it. A felony conviction alone can make it impossible for you to get the job you want, live where you want or ever own a gun again.

Get an experienced Texas trial lawyer fighting on your side. Our team at Ramos & Del Cueto, understands how these cases work. We know the truth about intoxication manslaughter charges: If you can beat the intoxication element, you have won your case.

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If you were accused of causing a serious or fatal accident while driving drunk or high, you need an experienced team of intoxication manslaughter attorneys like ours. We will fight for you by presenting a thorough and persuasive argument to do everything we can to keep you out of prison. To discuss your case in a free and completely confidential consultation, please contact our office in San Antonio today by calling 210-761-6004.