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If you commit a probation violation, you will most likely be served with a motion to revoke probation, or MTRP. This is a serious matter that should be handled by a team of experienced MTRP lawyers who will fight for you and keep the terms of your probation from being revoked.

There are many different kinds of probation violations. All are equally serious, and can result in a MTRP. These include:

  • Not doing court-ordered community service and programs
  • Not reporting to your probation officer (PO) on time or Failure to Report
  • Failed urinalysis (dirty UA, tested dirty) and failure to submit to drug tests
  • Unapproved travel
  • Losing a job
  • Associating with the wrong crowd
  • Accusations of violence while on probation, such as assault or domestic abuse


Preventing a probation revocation can preserve your second chance.

In the best case, a talented team of MTRP lawyers can have the terms of the probation reinstated. We can also negotiate additional terms if that’s what is required to keep you out of jail. Even in the most difficult circumstances, we can usually help to limit the damage done by a mistake or misunderstanding.

What does an experienced team of probation violation and MTRP lawyers look like? Like former prosecutors and experienced criminal defense attorneys. A team that cares about the outcome of your specific case. And a team that cares about you. Ramos & del Cueto can offer you smart legal advice and realistic guidance during your probation.

If you have committed a probation violation and have been served with an MTRP, contact our experienced team of probation violation & MTRP lawyers for a free and completely confidential consultation at 210-212-9000. You can also contact Ramos & del Cueto directly for a rapid response. We can meet with you in jail and we accept credit cards if you decide to hire us.