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Representation For Intoxication Assault Charges

If you were in a car crash or another type of altercation and someone was hurt, you will need an experienced intoxication assault attorney to fight for you. If the police are saying you were intoxicated and caused “serious bodily injury” to another person as a result, you could be charged with intoxication assault. In this situation, you could face serious consequences that affect your life, your livelihood and your future

Intoxication assault is a serious felony criminal charge that can result in up to 10 years in prison. These cases are often complicated and have varying factors. They require an experienced attorney to successfully navigate.

When You Can’t Afford To Lose, You Have To Fight To Win

Any serious altercation resulting in bodily harm, involving allegations of intoxication, drunkenness or impairment due to drug use such as marijuana can result in a charge of intoxication assault.

A conviction or guilty plea can mean the end of the road for your life as you know it. A felony conviction for intoxication assault can make it impossible for you to get the job you want, live where you want or ever own a gun again.

You need the right representation from a Texas trial lawyer who will advocate for you in the face of these charges. The team at Ramos & Del Cueto, understands how these cases are charged and prosecuted. The key is to beat the intoxication element, and we know how to do this.

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If you were accused of causing harm to another person while intoxicated using drugs or alcohol, you need an experienced team of defense attorneys. We can craft a strong defense to protect you, your rights and your future. To discuss your case in a confidential consultation for free, please contact our office in San Antonio today by calling 210-761-6004.