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Firearms And Gun Crimes Lawyer In San Antonio, Texas

While the right to bear arms is constitutionally protected, the misuse and illegal possession of firearms have led to severe legal consequences. An attorney can help navigate these legal challenges, protecting individuals’ rights and futures.

Ramos & Del Cueto has nearly 100 years of combined experience handling various criminal defense issues, including firearms and gun crimes. Serving Brownsville, Laredo, Corpus Christi, Austin and New Braunfels in Bexar County, we strive to settle for nothing less than excellence. If you have a firearm or gun crime, leverage our attorneys’ unique perspectives for a strategic defense.

Unlawful Possession Of A Firearm: When Can You Not Legally Possess A Gun?

In San Antonio, several circumstances can render firearm possession illegal. These include:

  • Not licensed: Texas law requires certain permits for carrying concealed weapons or for other specific uses.
  • Domestic abuse: Those convicted of domestic violence offenses are prohibited from owning or possessing firearms. This measure aims to prevent further violence and protect victims.
  • Use for committing a crime: Using a firearm to commit a crime such as assault, burglary or robbery is strictly illegal.
  • Improper discharge: Reckless or negligent discharge of a firearm, especially within city limits or in public places, can lead to serious legal repercussions.

Texas’s Open Carry Law allows licensed individuals to carry handguns openly in a hip or shoulder holster. However, this law does not grant unconditional freedom of firearm usage. Also, Texas law permits the use of firearms in self-defense, provided the use of force is justified.

Penalties For A Firearm Charge Conviction

The penalties for firearm-related offenses in San Antonio vary based on the nature of the crime. Common consequences include:

  • Fines
  • Imprisonment
  • Loss of rights
  • Probation
  • Permanent criminal record

Understanding the potential penalties for firearm-related charges is crucial. These penalties can impact one’s future.

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